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No Freemason who professes to be a Christian has yet to both answer and explain whether or not the Deity (WHO THEY ALSO CLAIM TO BE THE CREATOR) theY call the Great Architect Of The Universe (GAOTU) is Jesus Christ. Whenever I pose the question, an immediate silence hits the phone. It even seems on a message board that you can hear the eery silence of the computer keyboard. But eventually answers do return, and not ones nearly associated with the question. As with the organization, Jesus’ name rarely comes up in the answer. But what awaits the response to their yes and no answers shock them into a haunting reality. But often the answers are that Freemasonry (FM) is not a religion. That has nothing to do with my question. It does not take a religion to teach a false doctrine, or to improperly describe or define who God IS NOT.

Please go to www.ephesians5-11.org for copies of the first three degrees of freemasonry.

The only two possible answers that are associated with Jesus are 1.) no Jesus is not the GAOTU. 2.) yes he is the GAOTU.

Here is the DILEMNA.

#1.) If Jesus is no the GAOTU, and Jesus is God, then who is the GAOTU? Uh Oh!!!!!!!! He’s an idol, a false deity, a light that is actually darkness, an angel of light, etc. I believe that ends that conversation

#2.) If Jesus is the GAOTU then all the attributes ascribed to this Deity must be ones that are ascribed to Jesus. Here’s a quick example. Is the GAOTU the creator? Yes! Is Jesus the creator? Yes! Is the GAOTU God? Yes!  Is Jesus Christ God? Yes! So here is the dilemna that the Christian Mason wishes he could avoid. If the GAOTU universe is God, how can FM offer A WAY of immortality of the soul (going to heaven) through their own organization? If the GAOTU is the True God, then how could this be so, seeing that Jesus is the ONLY WAY. Also, the GAOTU is a Deity to men of all religions. He is Allah to the Muslim, Jehovah (not Jesus! THIS LOOMS LARGE) to the Christian, Buddha to the Buddhist, Shiva and many others to the Hindu, etc. Notice where it is not Jesus to the Christian, but usually just God with NO NAME GIVEN. So here is the greatest problem of all. JESUS IS THE CREATOR AND HE IS GOD, BUT HE IS NOT GOD TO MEN OF ALL RELIGIONS.

So Christians belong to an organization that honors, prays to, and receives light from a FALSE, FAKE, IDOL GOD. Should the believer remain in such an organization?

Read this dialogue between someone who professes to be saved and a Mason.

A murderer, rapist, or a petty theft accepting JC as his L and S is no different from a 33rd accepting JC as his L and S.” W2BDN- A MASON

Had to quote this! Tell me, what happens to the murderer who accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior?” truthinlove(TIL)

@TIL…..I guess the same thing will happen to the 33rd, what is this thread about again? The point is and again him being a 33rd does not matter. Accepting JC is all that matters.

Or are you saying that just because he was a 33 degree mason then he going to Hell? Be careful.” W2BDN

According to you, being a 33rd does matter. You were the one who lumped them together with murderers and rapists. So according to your logic Work, what happens to the Mason when he accepts Jesus?” MICROFISH- This is me, THE ADMIN, Min. H

@Microfish “I” lumped them together? I was showing you the difference of importance to each of their own submission which is NONE. According to my God he he will forgive and accept you no matter who you are or what you’ve done…it doesn’t even matter of your “Profession” either. He will even give you a second and third chance because that’s what kind of God he is,As long as you accept JC as L and S.

So therefore I did NOT say/type or ever imply that there is a difference. Insert “attentive ear” smilee >>>here<<<<. I don’t know what happens to a Mason more importantly a 33 degree Mason. But in my Bible, when JC vouch for you, God said HE will forgive you.” W2BDN

How can I use an attentive ear on something I am reading? LOL! I know what you mean, but that still begs the question as to what happens to each when they accept Christ and REPENT? ” Min. H

That’s because you tried to massage Masonry into being a religion to this young man and it’s NOT. IMO I think you should of referred him to a local Lodge to get real insight on “Masonry”. Then let him go from there. If he wanted Christian guidance, Bible Study I’m sure you that dude. Separate the two, and you’ll find that Masonry has is value in today’s trying times.” W2BDN

I am a former member of a local lodge and can tell him what he needs to know from the Christian perspective.

I was talking to a guy who was thinking about being a mason. Some of his friends said he should consider it. He called me and at the end of a 45 minute conversation, I came to this final conclusion: “Freemasonry is full of crap”. It was in reference to its historical basis, and present realities. Forget the fact that the GAOTU is a fabricated false creator. Forget their teaching of the Fatherhod of God and the Universal Brotherhod of Man. It is the stupid quest of a born again believer to go through a myriad of rituals to try and find the true name of God, when they should already know it. They play along with the charade while their LODGE BROTHERS die and go to hell, because they do not feel the need, or have the courage to witness to them. I hear all of this talk about masons having bible studies. Have a bible study comparing “your” creator to Jesus to the GAOTU and see what you come up with?” Min. H

As stated before Masonry is NOT a Religion. Going into Masonry thinking it is-is a big mistake and a disappointing to some. I was saved and still saved going into Masonry.

Ponder this. Doesn’t Religion particularity Christianity Teach (your words->) Fatherhod of God and the Universal Brotherhod of Man? Think about it now. Treat your neighbor as if…..,love thy (fill in the blank), It teaches us Jesus is the son of God who is the All knowing, the Most High, who is a loving and jealous God and it goes on. But you know what I wouldn’t trade my religion (Christian) with Masonry.

So you see I know who I am, who my Daddy is and who I belong to long before Masonry.” W2DBN

Well now you have two daddies. I leave that for you to ponder.

“Ponder this. Doesn’t Religion particularity Christianity Teach (your words->) Fatherhod of God and the Universal Brotherhod of Man? Think about it now.”
No need to think about it when John 1:12 tells me who my brothers and sister are……….

II corinthinas 6:14-18 also claims what one should do to be his child.

Let me ask you this, is the GAOTU, the god that your brotherhood calls the creator, JESUS CHRIST?

I don’t care if I fail all of your challenges, this is the only question I would like for you to answer.

Does Freemasonry offer a plan of Eternal Salvation with or without Jesus Christ? You can/can’t answer that????” Min. H

@Micro. Your Question to me. “Does Freemasonry offer a plan of Eternal Salvation with or without Jesus Christ? You can/can’t answer that????”

My answer:

Reason: Freemasonry is not a religion so therefore it does not offer a plan of Eternal Salvation. That is what the Church is for. And yes I am a member of one. And No I don’t serve to (TWO) Masters/Gods or what ever you bout to come back with. My God is a jealous God.

Why wouldn’t I be able to answer that.

You’re no good at this.” W2BDN

The best way to refute a mason is to use his organization’s OWN WORDS.

“Let us imitate the good man in his virtuous and amiable conduct, in his unfeigned piety to God, in his inflexible fidelity to his trust, that we may welcome death as a kind messenger sent from our Supreme Grand Master to translate us from this imperfect to that all perfect and glorious Lodge above, where the Supreme Architect of the Universe presides” (Masonic Monitor of the Degrees of the Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason, p.68).

“Why did the Worshipful Master present you with a lambskin or white apron?”

Ans. “The lambskin has, in all ages, been deemed an emblem innocence; he therefore, who wears the lambskin as a badge of a Mason, is thereby continually reminded of that purity of life and rectitude of conduct which is so essentially necessary to our gaining admission into the celestial lodge above, where the Supreme Architect of the Universe presides.”
Entered Apprentice Degree- I will give it in the words of the NC monitor later.

“My Brother, I now present you this lambskin or white leather apron. It is an emblem of innocence and the badge of a Mason- the distinguished badge of a Mason.

It may be that, in the coming years, upon your head may rest the laurel wreaths of victory; pendent from your breast may hand jewels fit to grace the diadem of an Easter potentate; nay, more than these, with light added to the coming light, your ambitious feet may tread round after round of the ladder that leads to fame in our mystic circle, and even the purple of the Fraternity may rest upon your honored shoulders; but never again from mortal hands, never again until your enfranchised spirit shall have passed upward and inward through the pearly gates, shall any honor so distinguished, so emblematical of purity and all perfections, be conferred upon you as this which I now bestow.

(Done) It is yours; yours to wear throughout an honorable life, and at your death to be deposited upon the coffin which shall enclose your lifeless remains, and with them laid beneath the clods of the valley. Let its pure and spotless surface be to you an everpresent reminder of a purity of life and rectitude of conduct,” a never ending argument for nobler deeds, for higher thoughts, for greater achievements. And when at last your weary feet shall have come to the end of life’s toilsome journey, and from your nerveless grasp shall drop forever the working tools of life, may the record of your life and actions be as pure and spotless as this fair emblem which I place within your hands tonight; and when your trembling soul shall stand naked and alone before the Great White Throne, there to receive judgment for the deeds done while here in the body, may it be your portion to hear from Him who sitteth as the Judge Supreme the welcome words: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant! Thou has been faithful over a few things; I will make thee ruler over many things! Enter thou into the joy of Thy Lord.”

NO JESUS, but eternal life is promised. Yet there is a serious error, yet is it an error. TGWTOJ is for SINNERS only. So we see who is truly the GAOTU…..LOL! or is it really funny?

Who has been led astray, run amok, etc.?


I think I am fairly decent at this w2bdn, and I haven’t been a mason for almost 16 years.” Min. H

TGWTOJ (The geat white throne of judgment)……

Let me ask you this again, W2BDN; is the GAOTU, the god that your brotherhood calls the creator, JESUS CHRIST?

Is he also Allah?

Can he be Buddha too?

I did not ask if FM was a religion, so please take the hook out of the “RED HERRING’S” mouth.

I don’t care if I fail all of your challenges, this is the only question I would like for you to answer.” Min. H

no. And I’ll tell you why.

FREEMASONRY IS NOT A RELIGION. So why would they? See you keep saying that to sprout an underlying message on this board to whomever that Freemasonry is a Religion…AND it simply is NOT.

Jesus Christ was not a creator. Religiously speaking I don’t think no one ever referred to him as a “Creator”. So your question doesn’t make any sense in any religion NOR Masonry. He is the son of GOD and GOD is the creator.

The Religion Islam reserves the name ALLAH to GOD.

Micro I respect you. But it is seems as though you were highly mislead going into Masonry or some where something went horribly wrong if in fact you even took the degrees. But right now it looks as if you are reading a ritual and trying to understand wants going on. You have to live Freemasonry not read it and think you know it. EVERYTHING you’ve stated/said is internet base/face valued/or misunderstood reading. And in Freemasonry that is a crucial mistake OR NOT a mistake” W2BDN

Min. H- Did you see that people? W2BDN stated that Jesus is not the creator.

The problem is now out in the open. Freemasonry has and is successfully achieving its purpose, and you sir are the example.” truthinlove

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